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VII, the Seventh Legion
VII is an experienced PvP guild with roots from DaoC, SWG, GW, WoW and WAR. With the launch of Guild Wars 2, this game will now be our focus. We wish to keep a casual and relaxed, yet highly competetive atmosphere that allows you to focus on improving your game whilst playing with a solid team.

Our goal is to be a re-nowned PvP guild that is known for putting up a good fight no matter the situation. Such respect can only be acheived through dedication, teamwork and build perfection.

VII is a democratic guild. Our Heirarchy is elected on a game specific basis. This unique take on internet gamer communities has enabled us to grow from strength to strength over a seven year period.

VII's primary focus has and always will be the various forms of PvP. Our general primetime is 19:00-22:00 GMT. We do PvE purely for the sake of gear upgrades, and any PvE runs are scheduled according to need and availability.

Please check the recruitment box on our home page for recruitment status.

VII is an extremely tight knit community. We put our guild above all else and for the main part do everything as a guild unit, we expect new members to adopt the VII attitude. In order to protect what we have built over the years we enforce a strict "No drama" policy. Any incidents are thoroughly investigated with harsh consequences for the culprits. There are no exceptions in VII.

The VII administration can be reached by email to "admin [at]". This e-mail is checked daily.Your colored text here...
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