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[Pinned] VII Public forums

A place where those without an active account can state their views, ask any questions or just say Hi.
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What happened to my membership? D;

I'm so sad now... I logged in, but can't read posts or see the shoutbox etc etc
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Centrix1517812Small Vanz 1y
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Long time no speak

Hey, its been a couple of years since i last posted and a lot has changed and i just thought i would drop by to see how everyone is?
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Serenida03706Member avatar small Serenida 3y
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Finally got round to checking out CU seeing as I backed it for waay to much way back when, downloading the alpha now... how you guys been finding it?
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Hi all :p

Hi all :pSo Vanz, what you gonna vot for today? :p
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Game activity?

Does VII still exist in GW2 or retired? Any other MMO you are active in as a guild?
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Just saying hi

Hiya guys,How is every one been? Don't know if you remember me from the WAR times at Karak Norn. I played an engineer named Jarnskeggi and some other characters too. I miss the PvP we had there, we pretty much won everything opponent threw at us.A...
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TESO & old member

hey guys!Ive been palying with you in WAR for about half a year after Eltharion got merged with Norn (RR80 Engineer - Rzeznicc).I still remember some names.Eventually got a max lvl warrior in GW2 but the game didnt grasp me, even thou the WvWvW (R...
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Just wanted to say hi and hope you take in consideration my apply :P (also, i might need a bit of time getting the gems for the migration if i'm accepted).
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Dragonbrand server

We lack EU time coverage, so if you ever get bored over there...
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WAR is free! come play with meee!

Hey lads, i just wanna start of with saying I LOVE YOU! and with that said WAR is free until it is closing on december 18th and i want you guys to come play with(against) me during these closing weeks and relive some old memories seeing as you ar...
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Warhammer goodbye

hey VII ,how's it going?we had a talk amongst officers in my guild and decided to pay our respect to Warhammer and it's former community by spending a weekend on trial accounts before they shut down the servers permanently. idea is to contact as m...
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Monday night Deso BL

Guys it was Epic, thank you so much you have brought out the best in what was an otherwise beaten bored and apathetic server. Thank you so much for coming out and knocking six shades of shit out of the deso guys at the start of the week it's re...
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Worth buying?

Hi guys!I haven't followed the GW2 train yet. But am thinking about it.Would appreciate to hear what you like, not like, works and doesn't work about the game so far...Best regardsTanaka
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I said I filmed it

what happens when 5 seven and an afterlife draw a line and say "this far... no further!"well we recorded it
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Vanz you fag! heard you were playing gw2 too... add me: the high lord / t h l
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Hello from Stormbluff Isle

Hi, I happened to see that your guild changed from "undecided EU" to undecided. Though I don't know the reason, if you are considering a US Server, then I would like to invite you to consider Stormbluff Isle as a server. We have a great commu...
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FUBAR WvW Alliance

Haily. You might remember me from our exchange at GW2Guru and the fact that we have a guild named VIIth legion in our alliance. I spoke with our WAR members after that, and they told a word for you.So if interested, check us out at ...
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GW2 Retailers

Have fun!
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