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About the guild

- Applicant need to be able to follow our raid schedule: 19-22GMT on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.
- All members have the right to vouch for potential recruits.
- A minimum of three officers must approve an applicant for membership.
- New members are advised to make an effort to socialize with other members
- New members will, upon joining, enter the Trial phase. A two week period where we determine if the person is a good addition to the guild. The trial period can be extended in some cases.

- Be active for the 2 weeks of trial. Meaning, take part of VII events such as WvWvW, scenario's or any other guild event. Give the officers enough time to evaluate you or we'll have to extend your trial period or even worse, revoke your application.
- Show commitment. Check out our forums on a daily basis, and try to stand out in guild chat. High activity on TeamSpeak 3 scores bonus points.
- Honor our Code of Conduct and try to fit in.
- Play on your main character. Try to focus on obtaining maximum rank and mastering your class, rather than playing Alts.
- Play well

- VII has a strict no internal drama policy. If an officer has to get involved in an incident then the guilty party will more often than not be removed from the guild.
- We strive to be a respected and menacing gaming guild so we expect our members to behave ingame and respect both allies and enemies. Please refrain from publicly flaming others and keep drama to a minimum.
- VII members are expected to give 100% to the tag and therefore should not be a member of any other guild in VII's primary venture.
- Respect the world language and speak English in guild chat.
- Unannounced absence, longer than 14 days, will force your position in the guild to be re-evaluated by the officers.
- A kick will only occur when approved by a minimum of three officers.
- A rank demote will only occur when approved by a minimum of three officers.
- If a guild kick occurs, you have to right to reapply for trial.

- During Guild Events members are expected:
A) To have the latest version of TeamSpeak 3 and be able to listen. Speak when needed.
B) To be focused during Guild Events.
C) Respect the assigned raidleader and follow his instructions as much as possible.
D) Full cooperation and commitment
- Sudden AFK'ing during Guild Events will result in kick from the group. Frequent offenders will have their position in the guild re-evaluated by the officers.

- No disruption to communication during serious play.
- No guests/randoms should be introduced to VII communication's without a minimum of two officers consent.
- Don't spam the forums.
- Treat guests/randoms with respect and try to make new members feel welcomed.
- Guild Events are organized via forums.
- VII members are encouraged to proudly wear the tag via a signature link on relevant game medias and forums
- Members are expected to be active on forums. Try to read up daily and don't hesitate to join in on discussions.
- Website accounts that reach 14 days inactive without prior notice will be deactivated.

- Your guild membership is your website account. If it’s removed due to inactivity, you are no longer a member of VII.
- Not all VII members are active in the game. Members will be removed from the ingame roster due in cases of long term inactivity
- We expect all members to join us in all and any upcoming MMORPGs that VII moves to
- We use the member roles of guild leader, officer, member and trialist